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Our school office will be open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. If you need information about our school or would like to register to attend our school please send an email to : info.svhs@wvsd.org and we will get back to you quickly!

Why SVH Transition?


Spokane Valley High School hosts multiple programs suited for different students and learning types.

Find out more about our "All-Day" program here: (https://svhs.wvsd.org) if you're looking for a full-time school experience.

The "Transition School" programs are best suited to students needing a flexible schedule, and include the Phoenix Academy and Focus Groups. When deciding which program is best suited for a student, one should consider their specific needs.


Venn Diagram



  • Focus groups mainly target helping students deepen their understanding of the material. See scheduling options above.
  • Phoenix Academy is also for students who may need a more flexible schedule, but with more detail in the lessons, while also engaging in hands-on projects that apply the skills learned in those lessons. The lessons taught always involve subjects and topics that a student can/will use throughout their life. See scheduling options above.
  • Both Phoenix Academy and Focus Groups have make-up days on the following Monday of the missed appointment time.

Both programs learn the same lessons, and both have an hour in class dedicated to math. Each student moves at their own pace independently, with their own math packets or online practice. If a student is caught up in their math, they can do extra work that will allow them to receive more credits. This provides many opportunities for the student by allowing them to move onto college level math, which will look exceptional on their entry applications. This will also save them money if they transition into college by entering directly into credit-level courses. In the case that a student’s lesson work is not at least 50% completed by the following school day, it will mean the student will receive an unsatisfactory grade for the week. If this occurs too often, the student may be relocated to a program better suited for them. Provided that a student is absent on a lesson day, it will count as a full missed week, a make-up day can be scheduled for the student, and will act as the lesson day for that student. If a student misses a lesson day and fails to reschedule for a make-up day, the student may be held accountable in truancy court.


In Focus Groups, on both Monday and Wednesday, there is an hour where students work on their math, and an hour where the lesson is taught. Students receive a lesson packet of homework that will be due the following week. Focus is centralized mostly on helping the student understand the material with one-on-one help.  This program is best suited for the student who need a flexible class schedule, and may need more one-on-one assistance with the lessons/math.

In Phoenix Academy, The first day is the lesson day, this is when a student receives their homework for the week, which is due the following week. The second day is the project day, where students get to learn in a more hands-on approach and the projects typically correlate to the lesson given on Tuesday. The lesson plans and project related to said lesson extends through a quarter of the school year, with four different lessons and projects throughout the year.  Examples of lessons that have been taught, along with their correlating projects are: Building functional rockets while learning about ergonomics and aerodynamics, Building Corn hole boards for; Seth Woodard, Northeast Youth Center, and for the kids at The Hutton Settlement, while studying Applied Math, and studying artificial intelligence, building robots and battling them, for English, INT. Science and Career Technical credits. This program is suited for the student in need of a flexible class schedule, that may also want the feeling of a traditional class setting, while also getting the enjoyment of working on the hands-on projects.

Our Mission
Spokane Valley High School is an enterprising small school, founded on relationships and driven to actively challenge students.
We are passionate about strengthening relationships, providing opportunities for self-discovery, and nurturing hope & vision.
Our Motto
Think Hard, Play Hard