Typical Day

Welcome to SVH, this is an example of a typical day around here. Our typical day is from 8:15-2:30, and consists first of a 45 minutes block with your advisory, then your next 5 periods. Our first three blocks are about an hour and five minutes long, and after lunch, we have our fourth and fifth classes, our fourth class is 1 hour long, our fifth and final class of the day is 50 minutes long. Our daily schedule looks like this:

  1. Advisory (8:15-9:00)
  2. First Block (9:00-10:05)
  3. Second Block (10:05-11:10)
  4. Third Block (11:10-12:15)
  5. Lunch (12:15-12:40)
  6. Fourth Block (12:40-1:40)
  7. Fifth Block (1:40-2:30)

This is our schedule from Monday through Thursday. However students can come in on Fridays to get help with certain subjects or meet with teachers. 




We use aleks to supplement what is being taught in our math classes, it is personalised so it adapts to where you are at personally. It helps kids keep track of where they are at by showing what they have done in aleks.