Project Samples

Music and Lyrics
Music and Lyrics, a project based class, gives students an opportunity to learn more about music, how to make music, and music correlated to other cultures. As students are learning and writing about African and Brazilian music, tempo, timbre, and dynamics, they are also learning how to create music of their own. This class is fun, inspiring, interesting, and brings creativity out of all the students.
Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery
Students worked with local carpenters and businesses to build an outdoor playhouse for Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. The project combined learning about developmental psychology with organizing resource drives. It took students into our local elementary schools to better understand their audience and outside with hammers and paint brushes to get the job done. The culuminating event featured the delivery of the playhouse to Vanessa Behan with the help of a local crane company (Thanks Stateline Crane and Rigging!). Students watched as the children poured into the playhouse for the first time to play.

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Humanities 1st Semester 2019-2020

In small groups, students will create and share a presentation using reliable and relevant information. Examples can be but not limited to mock interviews, broadcast news programs, on the street reporting, podcasts, reenactment, a short documentary or a voice over Prezi presentation.

The culminating product on January 23rd will be an event held at the Argonne Library.  (We may switch to the Hutton Settlement Auditorium for a more personal environment). This event is to highlight the community members that have donated their time and expertise to our school. Parents, district administration and public will be invited.  Students will create and present a 30-minute video, compiling interviews that address the past, the present and the future. After students listen to our guest speakers, they will interview them in small groups and create a poster that introduces the person to the public at our evening exhibition. Students will stand by their poster and share what they have learned about their guest and what they have learned in our class this semester.  Students will also present a sculpture representing peace which they will create with a professional artist.
To Be or Not to Be
This project had students pair up into small groups to analyze William Shakespeare's many works, connecting it to current problems we face in our world today. Many of Shakespeare's works contained sexism, racism, class division, anti-semitism, and other such hardships that we still face. This class helped students understand our world, engage conversation, and open minds to all types of view points. 
Who Done It
Chemistry and mystery teamed up to engage students in a fantastical "who done it" featuring the dastardly staff at Spokane Valley High. A series of investigations led students through a basic understanding of chemistry principles, practice with common chemistry laboratory procedures (i.e. chromatography, pH, gas laws), and the unraveling of several humorous plots. This project culminated in students applying their learning to design a mystery of their own for peers to solve.
Each mystery featured our dramatic staff in a video introduction or hook - check them out:
Our projects are constantly evolving. Below is an historical view of projects from our past: