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Exchange Students At SVH

This year at Spokane Valley, we have the amazing opportunity to teach and grow with an exchange student. Daniel came from Denmark and is excited to gain friendships with peers. With the Valleyfest parade event going on, our school is preparing to participate. For that process we decided to update our school website to gain awareness towards our mission. Daniel agreed to share his perspective on being in America and how he enjoys being an exchange student in Washington. Daniel’s mom was in the same program for exchange students spending 30 years of her life as one. He decided to join a school in America because the culture is a lot like his personality and the way he has fun with his friends. When he decided to enter the program there was an interview-like process that he went through. He had the opportunity to stay in a house where he learned about the American culture. What he liked most about learning the culture was going to a burger place and eating classic American burgers. His host family was not in coordination with the agency, but he received a call from them two days before traveling. The family is very nice and hospitable, which he appreciates. He is looking forward to spending the rest of the school year with the SVH family and we are glad to have him with us.
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