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Web Page Newsletter - January, 2017



Web Page News - January, 2017



“Getting the message out”

At SVHS we are continuously striving to go to the next step in education. Our curriculum is project based now in both the immersive educational experience and in some areas of the Transition (contract) program. As we continue to develop a Professional Learning Community (PLC) through staff training, our focus is always on maintaining quality academics, engaging in “beyond the four walls” learning opportunities, fostering strong relationships, and actively challenging students.

We have organized a team of students, staff, business leaders, and community members to increase public awareness. SVHS is a small school in the West Valley School District, but it is not a feeder school.  Students do not automatically come to us after leaving one of the district middle schools.  As a general rule, middle school students filter into West Valley High School. The task before us is to get the message out…to provide non-traditional high school options to those students who are looking for different academic, non-text book learning.

“Getting the message out” is a multi-faceted endeavor. There are three teams reviewing everything from the design of the school logo (The Phoenix), creating a memorable brand, critiquing our social media options, and “going beyond the four walls” to collaborate with Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS)

http://www.bbis.de/  SVHS staff are writing three grants to provide funding to cover the fiscal dynamics of an international partnership.

Wholly, we are excited about this new adventure in education to provide even better opportunities for all of our students. Working late into the night writing grants, planning enrolling tours, and connecting with outside resources is all part of the “after the kids go home” environment.  It is all part of the school community, it’s why the staff chooses to expand academic experiences, and it’s why Spokane Valley High School is an award winning, school of choice.




Did you know…………….

The school mascot is - the Phoenix

The Phoenix is a legendary symbol of re-birth, which takes many shapes. One common element is a plumage blended of all colors.  It rises from its own ashes and is reborn, symbolizing man’s undying spirit for life.  The many shapes of the Phoenix represent the students who come to us bringing diverse backgrounds.  Like this mythical bird who starts its own fire to end the old and begin anew, the students at Spokane Valley High School work to develop habits and characteristics leading to success.

SVHS is an accredited school

Accreditation is a process that subscribes to a formula of self-regulation that is an ongoing, constructive experience designed to improve the quality of education. Our school met rigorous quantitative and qualitative standards set forth by Northwest Accreditation Committee (NWAC).  This process recognized SVHS as a high-performing school with:

  1. Clear and shared focus
  2. High standards and expectations for all students
  3. Effective school leadership
  4. High levels of collaboration and communication
  5. Curriculum, instruction, and assessments aligned with state standards
  6. Frequent monitoring of learning and teaching
  7. Focused professional development
  8. A supportive learning environment
  9. High levels of family and community involvement

Thumbs-Up Award

Students and staff write an academic goal at the beginning of each quarter. Those who accomplish their goal receive a Thumbs-up package full of goodies at the end of the quarter.

It’s the Phoenix Way Award

This award acknowledges students and staff who follow the Spokane Valley Contract and make a positive difference in school.

What Does “Think Hard, Play Hard” Mean?

Think Hard, Play hard is about the development of community! We challenge kids to give us their best thinking, thoughts, development of understanding. We also honor our students by building relationships using the play hard mentality of celebration.  Many times our play hard also has a thinking component.  This mentality moves us forward as learners and develops bonds between – staff/kids, kids/kids, and staff/staff.

When all a school does is push kids, eventually most will shut down. If all a school does is fun, learning is minimal.  At SVHS we strive to blend the two mentalities. When this blend is balanced; learning, relationships, and a sense of community is developed.