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Web Page News - December 2016

What do seniors want to know….

Will I Make It?   By Reid

Will I make it? Will I get a good job? Will I be able to support my family? Where will I live? What will I do? Will I have friends? These are just a few of the many concerns I have for my future. I could talk all day about what I am scared about, what I don’t know, what I don’t want to know. Life is hard, it’s not difficult to figure that out. As a Senior I am supposed to know what I want to do, or where I want to go after high school. But to be completely honest, I have no idea.

Last week I went around my school and talked to some of the other seniors, asking them, what do you want to know about life before you graduate? A lot of them didn’t even know how to answer, either there were too many just to pick one, or they had just never thought about it. I don’t blame them, I didn’t think about it until I was asked to write this paper. It’s a hard question.

After doing some nagging I finally got some answers out of them. A lot of them have the same concerns I do, and some have ones I didn’t even think of. For example, Jacquelyn wants to know how to do taxes. That thought never crossed my mind, it sure does now, it stresses me out. Molly wants to know how to defend herself. That’s an honest concern, what would you do if you got jumped? Would you be able to defend yourself?

Later on in the week it occurred to me to ask some teachers, they graduated and went into the real world, what do they wish they knew? One that really stuck out to me was to not let love screw you up. That’s huge. If you are in a relationship that takes up most of your thoughts and what you do. What if that goes wrong? What then? That huge part of your life is gone, how will you recover? Will you let that stop you from having the future you want?

Really what I have learned from this, you will never know everything you need to know. You won’t be able to decide your future or what goes right or wrong. The only thing you can control is the decisions you make. So I have decided to not worry so much about my future and to start learning how to make decisions. That right there is a big part of life.


What Seniors Need to do Before Graduation

Have you ever really looked at all the preparation that needs to happen, to be ready for graduation? I know some of the basics: write your High School and Beyond plan, complete your graduate record sheet, pass the required state assessments, simple things like that. But there is so much more that I need to get done.

Planning on going to college? There is even more stuff to do. You need placement tests, interviews with Admissions personnel, and you also need to take the SAT. Are you going to a vocational school? You need to check with their Admissions department to find out about requirements and enrollment procedures. The list gets longer: everyone needs to have their senior picture turned in by March 4th.

You need to decide who you want to invite to graduation so you can order tickets. Graduation is June 8th at Spokane Community College, Lair Building. Space is limited so it is important to let Suzanne know how many guests you are expecting in order to make sure there are enough tickets for everyone. Once you decide who you want to invite, it’s time to mail invitations and announcements. Usually students include a senior picture with the announcement.

To graduate you need to earn at least 22 credits, pass Washington State history and finish your last High School and Beyond plan. You need to check with Suzanne to be certain that you have met all of the state testing requirements. And, there is still more! You need to connect with Suzi to get fitted for your cap and gown. You need to pay a $25 graduation fee. The day of graduation is the senior breakfast and then off to SCC to practice for the ceremony.

If you have any questions, see Suzanne or Suzi BEFORE graduation day on June 8th. It seems like a lot, but you can do it! You’ve gotten through 12 years of school; this is one of those big steps you take to transition into adulthood. Congratulations, you’re on your way………………

Did you know…………….

  • Two thirds of our graduating seniors have already enrolled in post-high school programs
  • Three seniors plan to attend either Spokane Community College or Spokane Falls Community College
  • Five seniors have applied/been accepted to area four year colleges
  • Four seniors have enrolled in out of state colleges
  • Two seniors plan to join the National Guard
  • Six seniors have chosen their career path and will attend either college or vocational school to achieve that goal



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