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Landscape Design and Farm-to-Fork

Landscape Design and From Farm-to-Fork
By: Reid
Landscape Design using AutoCAD and Google Sketchup

Imagine you’re buying a house; there can be a lot of stress involved. Maybe the one you picked out doesn’t have the kind of landscaping you prefer. You can call a landscape designer and pay a bunch of money spending time trying to translate your vision to him; or you could skip all that and just do it yourself. This is what you will learn in Scott’s Landscape Design class. The goal of this class is “for students to be proficient at AutoCAD and Google SketchUp, understanding the basic design principles of landscaping”. This class will include video tutorials; a step by step on how to create and landscape a house of your own. Scott has a great teaching style. He waits for everyone to be on the same page before he moves on to make sure no one is left behind. That teaching style comes through in the quality of work produced by the students.


What about food? What if you decided "I want to grow some lettuce this year!?" Well, wouldn’t you enjoy learning how to do this? Scott also teaches the class "From Farm to Fork." During this class, in the greenhouse, Scott says, "You will be engaged in every step of the process to get food from a seed to a table. You will learn plant sciences that range from the chemistry to plant physiology. The opportunity to complete the steps from our school farm to our school’s fork will be yours." Each year our school has a plant sale the Friday before Mothers Day. During the duration of the sale, which only lasts a couple hours, we make as a school $14,000 -$15,000. This money goes back into our ASB for fieldtrips and to support other school activities such as the Thanksgiving feast, dances, and REACH (advisory) competitions – the fun, relationship-building competitions. When you join Scott’s horticulture class you will be helping to grow the flowers and tomatoes for the sale.    

Spokane Valley High's greenhouse and plant sale are part of the horticulture project-based class.  In this class students first learn about soil nutrient balance requirements for the variety of plants to be grown.  They also study watering, soil temperature, light recommendations, and plant compatibility.  Students use AutoCAD to design landscapes which helps them get a better understanding of plant spacing and the impact environmental factors can have on the successful growth of the plant.  An important factor of landscape design is to be able to achieve optimum appearance: size, color, germination, and growth patterns. Since annuals are generally most eye-catching from late spring to early fall, that has to be a feature in the layout.
Students are responsible for the planting and care of the greenhouse plants.  They create the hanging baskets based on plant care requirements, taking into account  growth requirements and color combinations.  On the Friday before Mothers Day the plants go on sale to the public: that's when the months of learning and the weeks of plant care is rewarded by the success of the sale.