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Phoenix Experience

Spokane Valley hosted a Phoenix Experience Day for all 8th grade students at West Valley City School.  The 8th graders were divided into two groups for a two hour morning session and a two hour afternoon session.  All of them were here at lunch time and treated with pizza, beverages, and a swag bag for those returning to City School.  The afternoon group also received a swag bag.  While here, they were all given the task of getting to know our students by collecting autographs. 
SVH is not a feeder school for either of the district's two middle school.  Phoenix Experience was a day to give kids the opportunity to explore our campus, meet with students and staff, and participate in a project-based class.  Classes offered were from all genre of curriculum.  Before they arrived they were able to investigate  class offerings and select those classes that seemed to be the most interesting.
  • Algebra is on Fire (an experiment with candles)                                                  
  • Design It, Build it (using the 3-D printer                                                                          
  • Experience the Arts (watercolor paintings)
  • Green Thumbs Up (working in the greenhouse
  • Politically Incorrect (tantalizing debate)
  • Who Done It (using forensics to solve a crime)
  • Yo Quiero Espanolr (I want Spanish)